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 Serial ATA is the next -generation internal/external storage interconnect, designed to replace parallel ATA technology. Serial ATA is the proactive evolution of the ATA interface from a parallel bus to a serial bus architecture. This architecture overcomes the electrical constraints that are increasing the difficulty of continued speed enhancements for the classic parallel ATA bus. Serial ATA will be introduced at 150Mbytes/sec, with a roadmap already planned to 600Mbytes/sec, supporting up to 10 years of storage evolution based on historical trends.

SATA External Cable Shielded eSATA to eSATA (Type I)

sata 3gb external cable logo shielded
Sata data cable from 4 inch up to 40 inch long

Interconnection between host computer & external SATA II device (HDD Enclosure) eSATA signal cable, shielded molded cable
straight sata data cable connection
eSATA Type I 7-Pin SATA External Device Data Cable

These cables are for connecting eSATA device to an eSATA Host card. Both ends are the same.

SATA Cables by SATAGear have a Limited Lifetime Warranty

3ft. External SATA cable that with SATA II (eSATA) type receptacles for SATA II external hard drive enclosures. Achieve 1.5 GB/s or 3.0 GB/s data transfer rate opposed to the 400 MB/s using other types of connections!

SATA II External Cable for SATA II external hard drive enclosures.

The SS-1ESES SATA II cable is meant for use with external SATA II hard drive enclosures serving up 1.5 GB/s and up to 3 GB/s. This SATA cable in conjunction with a SATA II enclosure provides the means to achieve a high data transfer rates that can not be achieved with USB or Firewire technology

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3ft. (1-Meter) eSATA to eSATA Cable

$ 5.41

$ 4.99

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6ft. (2-Meter) eSATA to eSATA Cable

$ 8.51

$ 7.77

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3 ft. and 6 ft. eSATA to eSATA 3GB/s External Shielded Cable

SATA External Cable Shielded eSATA to SATA (Type I) to (Type L)

latching sata cable secure sata cable connection

SATA signal cable,
External cable with metal latch Interconnection between host Adapter & SATA External Device
secure sata latch cable shown on a WD SATA hard drive

eSATA to SATA (Type L) This Cables allows New eSATA Devices to be connected to Older Style SATA Ports. For use with External Enclosures.

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3ft. (1-Meter) eSATA to SATA Cable

$ 9.99

$ 8.67

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6ft. (2-Meter) eSATA to SATA Cable

$ 12.11

$ 9.77

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3 ft. and 6 ft. eSATA to SATA Type (I) to Type (L) Shielded External Data Cable

SATA External Cable Shielded SATA to SATA (Type L) to (Type L)

sata right angle to right angle signal data cable

  • First Generation External Sata Cables, for Use with External Hard Drives with SATA I Type L Shielded Connectors, this cable is no longer aproved by SATA Organization for External Use with New eSATA Standards. However there is Tons of Equipment in todays marketplace that use this style connector.
    sata type L connector on an external cable

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    3ft. (1-Meter) SATA to SATA Cable

    $ 12.53

    $ 9.67

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    6ft. (2-Meter) SATA to SATA Cable

    $ 14.63

    $ 11.77

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    SATA External Shielded Cable First Generation Type L Connecotrs


    eSATA Cables for SATA I and SATA II external Connections

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