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 SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) latest SATA II (2nd generation Serial ATA), eSATA and SAS Multilane with SATA II hybrid assemblies · Supports SCSI, SATA / SATA II · Full Duplex Communication at 3Gb/300mb each direction/channel  · Differential Signaling  · Passive Interconnect · 4X with Thumbscrews + Multilane Cable Connector 1 m/3 ft SATA II MultiLane to SATA II MultiLane Cable

    Screw to Latch Style MultiLane Infiniband Cable

    Highpoint RocketRAID Host Adapter Card latching InfiniBand (non-standard) to Screw Style Industrial connector MultiLane 4X Channel Sata Cable 6ft. long

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    3ft. (2-Meter) MultiLane External SATA Cable

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    Screw Style MultiLane SATA External Cable 3ft 6ft and 9ft Serial ATA II “MultiLane” External Shielded Cable 4 X Channel

    Sata multilane external cable

    Interconnection between host computer & external SATA II device (HDD Enclosure) eSATA signal cable, shielded MultiLane Sata cable
    sata multilane cable connector

    SATA Cables by SATAGear have a Limited Lifetime Warranty

    1 Meter (3ft.) Serial ATA II "Multilane" Cable Serial ATA Cable for Serial ATA Drives 1M-ML-4xi. SATA Infiniband 4Port Single Cable.

    4 connectors in 1 Superior reliability and ease-of-installation Meets SATA II requirements With its high-speed multi-lane (x4) connector, it delivers 3G/s SATA2 data rate by its reliable signal quality.

    With a screw type external shielding cable, the ESATA-ML-4Xi host adapter board is connected to the other Device Adapter Board, ML-II-SATAII-D, which is a perfect match, your high speed 4-lane SATA2 channels were built immediately. The ML-II-SATAII-D and ESATA-ML-4Xi are ideal bridges to build a supper data highway for your external storage systems.


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    3ft. (1-Meter) MultiLane External SATA Cable

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    6ft. (2-Meter) MultiLane External SATA Cable

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    3 ft. and 6 ft. eSATA to eSATA 3GB/s External MultiLane Shielded Cable

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    9ft. (3-Meter) MultiLane External SATA Cable

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    9ft. eSATA to eSATA 3GB/s External MultiLane Shielded Cable

    esata external cables esata and sata multilane

    SATA External MultiLane Device Bracket

    Convert Most Two Bay External Enclosures with Standard SCSI Centronics 50-pin openinig on rear panel to Native SATA Drive Solution. Bracket Mounts in place of many mfg. Firewire/USB/Scsi ports giving you direct QUAD SATA II Shielded External Ports and 4X Port SATA internal Device Connections.

    Provides four 7-pin Serial ATA2 Connectors.

    One 4-Channel External Multi-Lane (x4) Connectors.

    Idea to Convert Internal 4 Ports to External 4 Ports.

    Supports up to 3Gb/s SATA2 Data Transfer Rate.

    4 External LED Activity Indicators for each Channels.

    4 channel sata multilane infiniband device bracket

    Image Shows our MultiLane Bracket  Mounted inside a standard 80mm SCSI I Openning
    ssecure 4 channel sata multilane device braket shown mounted inside scsi enclosure

    Bracket Mounts in place of many mfg. Firewire/USB/Scsi ports giving you direct QUAD SATA II Shielded External Ports and 4X Port SATA internal Device Connections.


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    MultiLane Device Bracket

    $ 29.99

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    MultiLane Device Bracket Retro-Fit-Kit for SCSI Enclosures with Centronics 50-pin 80mm Openinig

    4-channel SATA PCI Bracket Back plane with SATA II MultiLane Connector Port

    sata multilane 4 channel sata II bracket for host computer applications


    Convert any 4-channel internal sata ports to extrnal single connector MultiLane SATA II screw type connector
    Compatibible with Snnnet and FirmTek as well as all SILICON Image SATA Internal Host Adapters.Build a bridge for a superior data highway connection to your external SATA II storage system. This high speed 4-lane SATA II cable is meant to build the connection between your bridge board and cable immediately!


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    PCI MultiLane Adapter Bracket Standard

    $ 29.53

    $ 27.67

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    PCI MultiLane Adapter Bracket Low-Profile

    $ 29.63

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    SS-PCIML PCI MultiLane Adapter Bracket 4 Channel SATA II 3GB Transfer Via One MultiLane Cable


    SATA Multilane cable diagram

     The diagram above shows how the SATA-ML-3GB4X6  multilane 4 channel cable works in conjunction with a PC and multi  bay enclosure.

    Explanation, The Multi Bay Enclosure:

    Both the enclosure and the PC must have the  4-channel multilane back plane device with ATA2 ports, this is where  the 4-channel multilane cable will be connected between the two  devices. The enclosure hard drives each have their own channel that will connect to the multilane back plane internal ports via an internal SATA cable. All drive channels to the back plane device converge into 1 output cable containing the information for each channel (4 channel max.) to the PC.

    Explanation, The PC:

    The PC operates similarly to the multi bay enclosure in  that it also will contain a multilane back plane device to output the information to the hard drive on any of the 4 channels available. The channels from inside the PC can connect from either a SATA II PCI controller card or the mother board SATA ports if available

    SATA MultiLane Cable Detailed Connection Information

    SATA multilane cable to SATA 4 channel back plane
    View larger image

    The two images to the left are representations of how the SATA-ML-3GB4X6 Multilane SATA cable connects to the PC and Multi bay enclosure. The SATA-ML-3GB4X6 connects at both the PC and the Enclosure to create a single cable pathway to 4 SATA devices within one enclosure unit.

    The top image shows a PCI bracket style connection that would be  installed in a PC to control output to the storage  device.

    The bottom image is the SATA II multilane mounting bracket that  would be installed into the multi bay hard drive  enclosure.

    Both these SATA II back plane multilane  items are available through our sister site by following the links above.

    SATA multilane cable to SATA 4 channel back plane
    View larger image

    Tech Notes:

    The 4-channel multilane cable  does not have to be used with all 4 channels or 4 hard drives. The  multilane cable can be used with 2 drives without loss of  information in any way. The channels represented in the multilane cable and back plane are independent of each other, one does not affect the other in any way.

    The PC connections can be either on a SATA PCI controller card with internal ports or your PC's mother board SATA ports.

    Additional images SATA II Multilane  Cable

    SATA II multilane connector end

    Connection to multilane back plane

    Multilane PCI

    SATA II multilane cable connector, View a larger image.

    Multilane connection, View a larger image

    multilane PCI bracket, View a larger image


    sata device bracket multichannel solution

    sata multilane cable and bracket solution

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    sata 4 channel multilane solution






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